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Newsletter from the Center for Digital Welfare - December 2023
Welcome to the December Newsletter...!
We are approaching the end of the semester, which means even more exciting news from the Center for Digital Welfare. In this edition of the newsletter, you can catch up on:
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  • Announcing the center's partnership with the 'Algorithms, Data & Democracy' project

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Short News
On October 13, The Agile State working group, impersonating an international delegation, visited Digital Hub Denmark to investigate how Danish digitalization is presented and performed internationally. | On November 9, the CDW was present at Digital Tech Summit 2023 where we gathered data on what the digital tech ecosystem actors think the future of digital welfare looks like and started the conversation on dilemmas within digital welfare. 
| On November 16, CDW launched the center's first Center for Digital Welfare Masterclass, where academics and practioners alike were given the opportunity to collaborate on global issues within IT decision-making and governance. The first masterclass was titled "Global Concept of IT Governance", facilitated by Ass. Prof. Cancan Wang. | On November 17, we welcomed Professor Mikkel Flyverbom, as our last distinguished speaker of the year in our CDW Distinguished Speakers Series. | On November 27, we officially welcomed two researchers from Copenhagen Business School as new members of the Center for Digital Welfare.


Picture of Søren Skaarup, post.doc at ITU, talking in a microphone. Around him, young people are sitting at long tables listening.
The Center for Digital Welfare partners with the Algorithms, Data & Democracy project 
The Center for Digital Welfare is happy to announce that as of December, we are joining forces with the Algorithms, Data & Democracy project (also known as the ADD-project). Through research, dialogue, education, activities and policy recommendations, the ADD-project aims to enhance public understanding of technologies and make digital developments work for democratic legitimacy and societal trust. The ADD-project is one of the biggest research projects on digital technologies and their effects on our society. The ADD-project has a wide array of national partners, ranging from NGO to university partnerships, where a few of the external members of CDW are also partners in the ADD-project. As a partner in the ADD-project, the ambition is create broader reach and visibility of the center's work within research, policy and practice, give the center an energy boost and attract new collaboration and conversation partners. 

Irina Papazu, Head of Center, says about the partnership: "We observe many similarities between CDW and the ADD-project, both in our research-based focus on Danish digitalization and in our institutional aim to create engagement and debate across research and practice. There are already close collegiate ties between us in the research community, therefore it makes sense to consolidate these ties in an official partnership and hopefully enhance collaboration and synergies in the future."

We are looking forward to see what initiatives this partnership between CDW and ADD will lead to in the future. So far, CDW is collaborating with ADD researchers on the upcoming 'CDWxADD Christmas Event' on December 14. Read more about the Algorithms, Data & Democracy project here.

Coming Up!
On December 6, the Future of Work & Well-being working group will assemble for a christmas meeting in light of the season.

CDW is ending the semester with a collaborative event co-organized with the Algorithms, Data & Democracy project: 'CDW x ADD Christmas Event' on December 14. Here we will host a joint workshop bringing researchers and practitioners within public digitalization together to offer room for reflection, research development and collaboration, networking and a Christmas lunch at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Some of the working group activities of the Fall semester have been postponed till Spring, so look out for those in your inbox shortly! We are also looking forward to lift the veil for a restructuring of the center that hopefully will strengthen the center's mission of cross-sector collaboration and excellent research development for the benefit of our members. 

If you are a member of the Center for Digital Welfare, you have already or will receive an invitation for these activities in your inbox shortly. If you would like to learn more about how to become a member, please find more information on our website or reach out to Strategic Project Manager, Line Johansen, at liny@itu.dk
New Publications
Carreras, B. & B.R. Wintereik (2023): Narrating Digital Access, Trauma, and Disability through Comics and Image Description in Denmark, Medical Anthropology, Vol 42 (8), pp. 787-814. Link to article here. 

Gahoonia, S. K. (2023): Makers, Not Users: Inscriptions of Design in the Development of Postdigital Technology Education, Postdigital Science & Education, Open Access Article. Link to article here.

Webster, N.A.; Zhang, Q.; Butler, O.; Dissing Christensen, M.; Duus, K.; Floros, K.; Kusk, K. and Roelofsen, M. (2023): Digital mediations and spatialities of platform based work: A roundtable reflection. Kulturgeografiskt Seminarium 2023:1. Stockholm University, Department of Human Geography. Sweden. Link to publication here.
New Press Releases
ITU-ledere: Universiteterne skal være mere tydelige samfundsaktører i klimakrisen
Article in ING.dk by Head of Center, Irina Papazu & Co-head of ITU Center for Climate IT, James Maguire
Ekspert advarer mod besparelser på Borgerservice
Article in HK Kommunal with Post doc, Søren Skaarup
ITU: Kunstig intelligens vender op og ned på det meste - men ikke universiteternes kernemission
Article in Altinget: Forskning with Ass. Prof. Louise Harder Fischer
Forsker om AI: Vores hjerner risikerer at blive dovne
Article in IT Watch with Ass. Prof. Louise Harder Fischer

Børnefamilier i Høje-Taastrup skal finde bonusbedste digitalt

Blog post in Netavisen.dk with Ass. Prof. Signe Louise Yndigegn

NemID drejer nøglekortet om: Over 30.000 mangler at komme over på MitID

Column in ING.dk/Version2 with Head of Center, Irina Papazu
Myndighedernes varme hænder trues af besparelser
Article in Kommunen.dk with Post doc, Søren Skaarup
POL-INTEL: Lad os tale om de menneskeretlige og demokratiske konsekvenser af datadrevet politi
Opinion column in ING.dk/Radar by Ass. Prof. Vasilis Galis & Post doc, Anja Møller Pedersen, Danish Institute of Human Rights
Upcoming conferences
The Discreet Charm of Prediction: Understandings of Digital Policing
Academic and citizens’ conference focusing on the implications of digitalized law enforcement and the use of predictive policing.

Date: January 29-30, 2024

Venue: IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Conference titel and date
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