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Line & The Management Team

Short News
This first quarter of 2024 is characterized by implementation of the new management model and center structure, which is now in full effect. We would like to encourage all of our members to reach out to CDW's Strategic Project Manager, Line Johansen, on for ideas or needs for upcoming activities or events, so we can ensure the relevance of our activities for our members. 

The activities of the Spring semester are rolling out within the different 'emerging themes' starting with a seminar on "Nordic Exceptionalism in Digitalization" on February 9, where 13 participants discussed the implications of Nordic exceptionalism in digitalization.  
On March 14, the CDW invited for a meeting on "Representation & Generative AI", where Sunniva Sandbukt, Assistant Professor at ITU, and Asbjørn Ammitzbøll Flügge from Implement Consulting Group gave presentations on the topic from an academic and practitioner's point-of-view. 

The Center for Digital Welfare was represented at this year's OffDig Conference on March 5-6, where Co-lead of Center, Louise Harder Fischer, partcipated in the closing debate on how AI will affect our worklife


Picture of Søren Skaarup, post.doc at ITU, talking in a microphone. Around him, young people are sitting at long tables listening.
CDW @ Folkemødet 2024

The CDW is joining forces with ITU Center for Climate IT (CCIT) and the RESET Magazine for the upcoming Democracy Festival on Bornholm in June. Together with Politiken, we are organizing an event titled "The Climate Crises, technology & the good life" focusing on the role digital technology plays in living well in a digital society in the midst of a climate crisis. Researchers from CDW and CCIT will be joined by representatives from The Danish Board of Technology, Academy of Technical Sciences, and more. The event will take place at Politikens "lille scene" on Friday, June 14, 15:30-16:30 right after DM in Debate. Find the event in the Folkemøde program soon and hope to see you there!

Besides this event, the CDW is sending a small delegation of experts on digital welfare to Folkemødet consisting of Louise Harder Fischer, Michael Hockenhull and Søren Skaarup. Is your organizarion looking for an expert in public digitalization, green IT, or how digital technologies effect our worklife, then please reach out to Strategic Project Manager, Line Johansen, on

Coming Up!

On April 22, Louise Harder Fischer is invited to participate in an invitation-only roundtable on responsible and ethical digitalization. Louise has been invited by DI Digital and the Danish Design Center, who have called researchers and business people with the purpose of developing a common vision for how we accelerate a responsible digital transition that sets people free. The Center for Digital Welfare is looking forward to seeing what the vision will be.

On April 26, 12:00-16:00, CDW is inviting for a combined launch of the book "Digitalization in Practice" and the project "DIGI-FRONT: Transnational Collaboration at the Digital Frontier". Meet the editors, the authors, the readers, the researchers, join discussions on public digitalization, network and help us celebrate the launch with free drinks! The event is open to all, no sign-up needed. Read more here. 

On April 23 OR April 25, CDW is inviting members for a Round-table discussion on "Technological vs. human rationales", as part of the CDW 'emerging theme' "Future Implications of Technological vs. Social rationality in organizational settings" led by Louise Harder Fischer. Here we will delve into the more philosophical questions that can challenge and sharpen our understandings and assumptions about technology in the workplace and in society. Participate to gain a basic understanding and philosophical stance on technology in the workplace, in the organization and society, and a knowledge of the basic positions we move within. If you are a member and would like to participate, please indicate your availability in this doodle no later than April 17

In May, CDW is inviting all members for a visit to a "smart house" utilized by the municipality to test welfare technology in the care sector. The date is not set yet, so if you are a member of CDW and would like to join the expedition, please send an email to and we will reserve your spot. 

On May 29, CDW is inviting all members for a Round-table discussion on "Digital vs. People first perspectives" as part of the CDW 'emerging theme' "Future Implications of Technological vs. Social rationality in organizational settings" led by Louise Harder Fischer. For this round-table meeting, we will talk about the difference between the industry 4.0 and industry 5.0 concepts, and thus also about 'digital vs. human first' narratives. The discussion gives rise to a basic philosophical stance on the interaction between man and machine, which is rapidly developing, and which may shape changes in the workplace for the next several years. Are we into automation or amplification? Are we for humans or technology first?
If you are a member of the Center for Digital Welfare, you have already or will receive an invitation for these activities in your inbox shortly. If you would like to learn more about how to become a member, please find more information on our website or reach out to Strategic Project Manager, Line Johansen, at
New Press Releases
"Gå ikke på kompromis med trivsel og produktivitet ved implementering af Generativ AI"
Article in by Louise Harder Fischer, co-lead of CDW.
"Ældrereform: Hvordan ambitionerne om velfærdsteknologi skal lykkes, når borgere og medarbejdere sættes mere fri"
Article in with Louise Harder Fischer, co-lead of CDW.
"Vi taler ikke om det, men AI bliver en gigantisk belastning for klimaet og naturen"
Column in by Irina Papazu, co-lead of CDW & Helene Ratner, Associate Professor, DPU & Head of Research at Algorithms, Data & Democracy project
Upcoming conferences
Digi:talk 24: Menneske i en digital verden
Conference organized by DM Digi about human-centered digital transition. Louise Harder Fischer will give the opening key-note. 

Date: May 14, 2024, 10:00-16:30 

Venue: DM Akademikertårnet, Lindevangs Allé 2, 2200 Frederiksberg

Conference titel and date
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