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Still time to sign up for DHL Stafetten 
So gather a team of fellow students and register a team as well as a contact person and a name for your team.

A baton team consists of 5 persons and the route is 5 x 5 km. It is also possible to enrol groups who will walk 5 km on a separate route. You can also sign up individually for the run or the walk and then we will try to set a team.

DHL Stafetten will take place in Fælledparken on August 30. The competition starts at 18.00. 

Sign up a team or just yourself as soon as possible - and no later than August 18
to Lisa in FM by sending an e-mail to

As always, ITU will provide food, drinks and "hygge" in our own tent. So join us for a cosy evening in Fælledparken – it is a fun experience.

Want to be an ITU ambassador?
The Communication Department is currently hiring new student ambassadors to perform outreach activities for Danish high schools and other guests at ITU.

As an ambassador, you will become part of a team that visits schools and welcomes young people when they visit ITU. You will be introducing our university as well as teaching relevant subjects on an introductory level.

It is a requirement that you speak fluently Danish.

Sounds like something for you? Head to to apply, or reach out via email to
Are you one of the next Career Ambassadors?
We are looking for ITU Career Ambassadors to help spread the word about IT Match Making and ITU Career Weeks to all ITU’s students.

It is a flexible student job where you are paid on an hourly basis, and where you have the possibility to collaborate with some of Denmark's best IT companies.
Deadline for applying is August 15 at 12:00 noon. 

Apply and read more about the position in the ITU Jobbank by clicking below. 
ITU now has a rector
For the past 20 years ITU has had a vice chancellor. However, this title has and still causes some confusion and often leads to the question: Who is then the chancellor?
To avoid further confusion, it has been decided that Per Bruun Brockhoff in the future will be addressed as rector when addressed in English - like most of his colleagues at other universities in Denmark. 
New Research Results from CAREinFintech
In an era where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are gaining increased attention, Fintech startups and investors find themselves faced with the challenge of understanding the relevance of ESG and implementing ESG reporting.

The CAREinFintech project embarked on a journey to develop an easy-to-use guide to make it more accessible for the fintech sector to live up to ESG reporting requirements. The results of that research project are now out in the ESG in Fintech Report and Compass.

The report is for practitioners in the field as well as students and researchers who are interested in action research, the fintech sector, or social and environmental accountability in business.

We hope you enjoy the read! 
Specialefestivalen - a thesis festival
Do you have a thesis that deserves more than just a grade? Or are you a knowledge seeker eager to explore cutting-edge research and ideas?

Then the Thesis Festival is your stage!

​​​​​​​Check out the link below to either present your brilliant work, gain recognition, or learn, connect and get inspired by others.

Let's make ideas matter and fuel the future of innovation together! 

ITU Student