A new normal for the registration process
As announced last week, you will be in charge of registering for ALL your study activities starting from June. This means that in the upcoming registration period for the Autumn semester, you need to register for your mandatory courses in addition to your electives, specialisation courses and projects. 

Please follow the link below to read about this change in detail. 

This Thursday, 25 April, you can meet both the SAPfront team and Study and Career Guidance in Atrium from around 11:00 where we will be ready to answer all of your questions and handing out cake. 
Oral exam dates for projects and theses
The exam dates for oral exams following the submission of a project or thesis, will soon be online in LearnIT. 

When an exam has been planned it will be listed together with your other deadlines and exams on your frontpage in LearnIT under Upcoming events.

The exam team is currently busy planning all exams and the dates will be shared continuously – if your exam date is not online yet, it is underway.

Keep an eye out for it in LearnIT. 
The results of the Danish Student Survey are here!
In autumn 2023, all ITU students were invited to participate in a national survey about the study and learning environment.

Data from the survey will inform ITU’s work with the study environment, including a new study environment action plan for 2024-2028.

Students, Heads of Study Programmes, and administrative staff kickstarted the discussions of data, issues, and relevant initiatives at a workshop 9 April.

In the coming months, discussions continue in Board of Studies and with other internal stakeholders. 

ScrollBar's silent disco birthday 
We are delighted to invite you to our grand birthday party!

Come celebrate with us with a reception and a silent disco provided in collaboration with Red Bull.

Dress up and join us on Friday at 15:00 for a night of celebrating memories and creating new ones. 
Event: Global Maritime Challenges 2024

Meet leading companies driving the transition towards a more sustainable shipping and logistics industry.

Six companies will pitch where they see the biggest obstacles and how your skills and competencies are vital for overcoming them. 

When and where: 3 May, 2024, 14:00-16:00 in Atrium.

Not only will you gain deep insight into the challenges of the maritime industry, but you will also get the oppertunity to start a dialogue with the companies on how you can apply your talents in practice.
Technical Solidarity: Labour, Risks, and Resistance
ETHOS Lab invites you to take part in the fourth event in our series ‘Feminist Technoscience in Practice’ on Monday 22 April from 15.00-18.00.  
The workshop will be lead by ETHOS Lab’s Luis Landa, who will explore how solidarity can be built across comunnities in the face of the harmful and invasive generative AI by using  the Glaze and Nightshade tools as case-studies.

The talk is followed by a tutorial of the tools as well as discussions.

Get more information and sign up by clicking below.
Proposal for new scientific department structure
Last week on 16 April, Rector Per Bruun Brockhoff presented his proposal for restructuring the scientific departments at ITU. The proposal – if finally decided after the hearing process and then passed by the Board of Directors – will gather the three current departments in one department and organise the researchers and teachers at ITU into a number of smaller sections.

The proposal for an organisational change will have no impact on ITU’s educational programmes and will not affect your studies now or in the future.

If you are curious and want to learn more, read this interview with the rector about the proposed change.
Presentation on blockchain & climate by Alastair Marke
Join us for a presentation on “Application of Distributed Ledger Technology to Climate Policy Implementation: Use Case Sharing” by Alastair Marke.

He is Director-General of the Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI), a think tank supporting governments in the deployment of blockchain, AI, and emerging digital technologies to achieve climate change policy goals through policy support and executive education programs.

When and where: Tuesday 23 April at 16:00-17:00 in AUD1.
CCIT Seminar: On the Carbon Footprint of Deep Learning
Join the CCIT for our next Seminar where Raghavendra Selvan, Raghavendra Selvan, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH, will give a guest lecture on the sustainability of Deep Learning.

Deep Learning (DL) has transformed several application domains, including computer vision and natural language processing, with new and exciting possibilities in AI.

These advancements have been enabled and accelerated by large scale computations on massive data which also translate into increased energy and carbon costs.

In this work, we will take a look at the carbon footprint of DL across domains, present techniques to quantify it and practices that could improve the environmental sustainability of AI. 

When and where: Tuesday 30 April at 11:00-12:00 in room 3A18 and online.

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