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Meet your future employer at IT Match Making
Looking for a student job? Or maybe you are graduating this summer? 

Join IT Match Making: March 16, 10:00-14:30 in Atrium.

Whether you are a 1st year student or completing your master's, do not waste your chance to form the early stages of your career.

You will meet hiring managers interested in ITU students with your profile and competencies. You will also meet ITU alumni already working at the company who will be happy to share their first-hand experience working at the company.

You can see all the attending companies and what they are looking for by clicking below.
Presentation Hacks: Job Interviews & Professional Networking
A successful presentation entails a good preparation and a good delivery.

Whether you are preparing for IT Match Making or want to get inputs on how to nail a job interview, we have you covered. 

Together with Netcompany, we will guide and teach you how to show off your knowledge and skills, and address how to make engaging conversation, body language and tone of voice. 

When and where: March 13, 15:00-17:00 in 2F16.
CV Check with PROSA, Mærsk and the ITU Career Guidance
Do you need input on how to make your CV eye-catching for an employer before you bring it to IT Match Making? Get your CV checked, and get advice on how to improve it.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to get an informal advice session when PROSA visit ITU with some of their most experienced career advisors.

You can also get feedback on your
CV from a company point of view by recruitment specialists from Mærsk.

​​​​​​​Last but not least, you can get a CV check by ITU’s own Study and Career Guidance. 

When: March 15, 09:00- 13:00 in Atrium.

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Say hi to LearnIT 4.1
As we previously announced, we will be upgrading LearnIT in April. By clicking below, you can find out more about why, how, and what to expect of this update.

​​​​​​​You will also have the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the upgrade before the official release!
Workshop to help you get some thesis writing done
Are you struggling or facing barriers while writing up descriptions, analysis, or discussion as part of your thesis process? Then this workshop might be for you.

We will try out various strategies for getting some actual writing done in practice – as well as air concerns and challenges and talk through how best to handle these. Come and try out various ways of approaching this.

When and where: March 15, 14:15-16:00 in 3A12-14.
Job hunting with  neurodiversity and disabilities - Info session
Do you wonder how to best balance the transition from study life to work and career?

How should you present your skills and competencies – and what should you disclose about varying forms of chronic and/or neurodiverse conditions (e.g., ADHD, dyslexia, wheelchair usage, chronic illness, or other)? 

We invite you to join a 1,5-hour session providing an overview of the resources and support available. You will also get to air your concerns related to job search and the transition to work life.

We will have a panel of visitors to inspire you and help answer your questions along the way. The panel consists of "Specialisterne" and job center key contacts from the Municipality of Copenhagen.

On March 15, 14:30-16:00 in 3A54.
Career Lessons: Leadership in IT 

Do you aspire to work with leadership? 

Meet leaders with interesting careers within the IT industry who will give you a nuanced introduction to the role as a leader based on their own experiences.

They will talk about their career path, ambitions for the future, as well as introduce you to different leadership skills and responsibilities.

Attend this event to get inspired and learn how to develop leadership skills and understand your own abilities while studying. 

When and where: March 14, 15:00-17:00 in Aud. 4 
IT operation status will become IT Status
The IT department is happy to announce a new version of IT Operation Status/Driftsstatus called IT Status. We have created a new and improved website for you to stay up to date on any technical issues in the hope of creating a more pleasant experience for everyone.

At you will be able to keep an eye on the process and details of any technical issues happening at ITU. We will also aim to keep you up to date on any cool and relevant technology news from the outside world that might affect your daily IT related work.

The best part? We have added a new feature to make it easy for you to stay updated: the subscribe function! You will now be able to subscribe to IT Status on the website and get updates on the status of ITU’s IT systems directly in your inbox. 

Go to to subscribe and stay up to date.
Hacking 0 to hero - Basic tools & Setup Workshop
Ever wanted to use real hacking tools?

At our next event, we will teach you how to set up a hacking environment with all the tools you need and show you how to use the most common ones.

You will also get a chance to try out your new skills in a series of fun challenges at the end - snacks and sodas will be provided!

Does that sound interesting to you? Then come join us on Monday, March 20 from 16:00 at the Novo Nordisk Hub (3rd floor).

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Sustainable UX

Join us on Wednesday, March 22 from 16:30 when DAK together with IDA open the doors to the "Sustainable UX" event. 

We welcome a total of three speakers who will enlighten us on how we as designers can take the world by storm with Sustainable UX. 

The talks will be followed by dinner and a hands-on workshop.

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Feminist Futures Copenhagen Hackathon 2023
Feminist Futures Copenhagen is an initiative started in ETHOS Lab at ITU and organised in collaboration with a number of organisations, research groups, and companies.

On April 12-28, we will be hosting a feminist hackathon with the following themes: Solidarity Economies, Digital Utopias, Commoning the Archive, and Bodies of Care.

We are organising this hackathon because we want to challenge the traditional hackathon format and infuse intersectional feminist methodology to a space that has historically been limited to a narrow demographic - and we hope you will join us. 

Bitcoin & how it all started! 
This event is about the origin and evolution of the world's first decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin.

Attendees will exclusively get to hear from Niklas Nikolajsen von Karlshof who is an industry expert, Bitcoin enthusiast, and early adopter. Niklas will share knowledge of and experiences with the history of Bitcoin. 

When and where: Tuesday, March 14, 16:00-18:00 in ScrollBar. 

Register and find more information on Meetup.
Conference: Law & Cryptocurrency
Join us at the intersection of law and cryptocurrency as we explore the latest trends and regulations in this exciting field.

Our conference brings together leading experts in both law, DeFi and cryptocurrency to delve into the complexities and challenges of this rapidly evolving landscape.

Time and place: Tuesday, March 28,  17:00-19:00 in Auditorium 0. 

Register and find more information on Meetup.

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