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Wicked Rabbit has arrived to the ITU Canteen
Since August 1, the canteen operator Compass Group, who also runs canteens on KUA, has been responsible for serving lunch in the ITU Canteen.They serve primarily vegetarian food but also dishes with meat.

In this interview Head of Facilities Management, Malene Holm Smed, explains why ITU chose Compass Group as new canteen operator and reveal some of the future plans for this new collaboration.
The introduction days are now
The start of the semester is rapidly approaching and this week ITU will be buzzing with all you newly admitted students.

We are excited to welcome you all and we hope you will enjoy studying at ITU!

Where to go for help? The SAPfront office and The Study and Career Guidance look forward to assisting you if you have questions or concerns related to your studies.

The SAP front office is located at the 2E wing in office 2A30. The Study and Career guidance is located opposite at the 2D wing in offices 2A40 and 2A42. 

Find out much more under Study Start on ITU Student.

Access to online journals through the Royal Library
Did you know that you have accces to several online databases and journals such as IEEE and ACM through your library login?

See the full list of ITU online journals.

However, you need to sign up first. 

Afterwards you only have to sign in using WAYF login at

Find out more about your library and how your librarians can help by clicking below.
Reach out to ITU’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion
The Committee for Diversity and Inclusion has recently opened a new mailbox intended to further the dialogue and open the committee to input from ITU staff and students. 

The committee hopes that this channel will encourage members of the ITU community to share perspectives and ideas that may help shape the work of the committee.

All types of inquirers about issues of inclusion and diversity are welcome. They will be addressed at a committee meeting and if the issue is of sensitive nature, then it will of course be processed outside regular meetings.

Reach out to the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion at
Join the 1st Conference on Sustainability and Denmark (Free)
Students and staff are welcome to join this conference on September 12 from 9.30 to14.30. Here you can listen to keynotes from both practitioners and researchers on how to achieve the SDGs through data practices.

The conference is virtual, but you can attend the opening keynote physically in room 3A08. 

Read more and sign up in the link below. 
New link to the New Research Results from CAREinFintech
Were you excited to read the new ESG in Fintech Report and Compass announced in readIT last week, but did not find it?

Then follow this new link which will send you straight to the report. 

Enjoy the read!

ITU Student