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Do not get lost in GDPR!
It can be a jungle to navigate the requirements of The General Data Protection Regulationds, but as a student it is extremely important for you to know how to retrieve, handle, and store data. 

As a short cut through the wilderness, we offer you a GDPR awareness course that gives you a much-needed overview of what is required when working with data. 

See ITU Student for more information and for access to the course.

The ITU Career Weeks are back
At the ITU Career Weeks you can develop your personal and professional skills.

Do so by participating in “IT Match Making”, or join the career related activities, events and workshops, such as:
  • Student Job Hunt: Strategies,
  • Essentials and Opportunities  on LinkedIn – Grow Your Professional Network
  • Crafting Impactful Cover Letters

When: 27 September to 10 October.

See all the events below and remember to sign up via ITU Student.
Big increase in phishing attacks
The IT department is seeing a large increase in phishing attacks!

We encourage everyone to be extra careful about who they receive e-mails from. It may be a good idea to check the entire e-mail address before opening any links or attachments. 

To enhance the security of your daily work environment, we are now introducing "First contact safety" in Outlook, which flags emails from addresses that you do not often receive emails from.

We have also enabled MailTips in case of impersonation attacks. This feature alerts you when e-mails are sent to external recipients.

If you have doubts about an e-mail or think something seems unusual, you are always welcome to contact the helpdesk or write an e-mail to

Read more on how to protect yourself from phishing in this Microsoft article.

Introducing the fastest DHL team on ITU
A few weeks ago, ITU took part in DHL stafetten. Of all the teams who competed the fastest of all of them was “Couch to 5K”. 
The team consists of Sigrid Brodersen Lind studying DIM, Mats Berger Wierzbay studying Software Design and Kristian Berlin Jensen, Nikolaj Worsøe Larsen, Simon Johann Skødt who all study Computer Science. Their time was 1:52:43. 
The team was gathered by Simon who had trouble filling a team with only CS students and reached out to Sigrid and Mats whom he already knew from elsewhere. None of them run regularly but they have all been or are still playing a lot of football. Some of them also started training for the DHL in order to be able to beat their fellow teammates. 
However, they not only beat each other but also the rest of ITU. A big congratulations to team "Couch to 5K". The team plan to continue running and have already been attending a RunIT event. 
The five students’ names are now engraved on the DHL trophy which will be on display at the Information Desk until next year's DHL Run. 
Smoking at ITU
When smoking, we kindly ask you to use the smoking booth at the parking lot or the area in front of the smoking booth.

Smoking is not allowed outside of Analog nor at the table and bench sets located outside the canteen.

Please respect this!

ITU Board of Director's meeting
The next ITU Board of Director's meeting will take place on Wednesday,  21 September, 2023.

See the agenda and publicly available material by clicking below.
Discontinuation of Adobe Cloud storage
Starting 1 October, 2024, Adobe will discontinue the Creative Cloud content synchronization process, as well as synced file and folder sharing.

This means the files on your local drive will no longer synchronize with Creative Cloud storage. 

If you are using Adobe Cloud storage, we recommend moving your files from the Creative Cloud to your local computer folder or ITU OneDrive.
TA Project next step – implementation of recommendations 
Over the last year, extensive research and interviews were conducted to identify ways to improve processes related to the hiring and use of TAs. Right before the summer holidays, a report with recommendations was submitted to Executive Management.

Executive Management has since greenlighted further development of the recommendations and the implementation of initiatives to bring more quality to the processes surrounding the hiring and use of TAs. 

The implementation project commenced September 1 and the first phase runs until June 2024. Expect to hear more from the TA Project Group as the implementation progresses.
Lille Kat 2023:07
Get ready for another round of problem solving!

Gather your friends or participate individually. All you need to bring is a laptop and enthusiasm. We will of course sponsor snacks and sodas for you to enjoy!

Join us on Friday, 22 September from 16:15-19:00 by the 2nd floor atrium tables.
Get a mentor!
If you are looking to grow professionally, academically, and personally, you now have the opportunity to get an experienced mentor from the industry to support you in achieving just that.

We are gearing up to launch a new round of the Conflux mentorship program!

Conflux is a student-driven, non-profit organization that runs a mentorship program for engineering students in Denmark.

Participation in the program is completely free, and it will run from November 2023 to April 2024, featuring at least three events.

If you apply for the mentorship program, we will do our best to find an excellent mentor match for you.

We are accepting applications until the 22 September, so act quickly—the sooner you sign up, the better chance we have of finding you a great match.

Read about the program, view our mentors (we have some very cool profiles for this round!), and enter your email to receive the sign-up form by clicking below.

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