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Have you seen the posters?
The new campaign Here to Help is intended to promote ITU’s values of inclusivity and mutual respect.

You are encouraged to reach out to The Study and Career Guidance if you have experienced harassment or discrimination or if you have experienced behaviour that has made you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

It goes without saying that no one should behave in a way that offends, intimidates, or is humiliating to others. If you see or experience that, we are here to help!
Are you longing for spring already?
You can now catch a first glimpse of the courses for spring 2024 in LearnIT. 

The courses contain only basic information at this point. By 15 November, the full descriptions will be available. The courses for Summer University are online now as well.

You can filter the courses by SEMESTER and ELECTIVES BY PROGRAMME.

You will be able to see the course schedules in TimeEdit when we reach mid-October.  

The exam schedule will be available by late November.
On 24 October LearnIT will be upgraded
During the upgrade, LearnIT can be unavailable for an extended period of time.

If you need material or links provided on the courses you attend, please consider downloading and/or saving those beforehand.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. 
Maybe you want to be a TA?
This week on Wednesday 11 October, the TA positions for the spring 2024 semester courses will be listed and shared here via the ITU website.

The great thing about working as a TA is that it gives you a chance to reflect further on study specific topics. On top of that, you will also develop both your interpersonal skills and teaching skills since you will actively support the students in getting to know their course material. 

We recommend all who are interested to apply! 
Fire drill on Tuesday, 10 October
Please note, that we will have a fire drill at RLV on Tuesday, 10 October.  

Please read the following instructions:
  • Before the exercise, identify the escape route you are going to use, if your zone is evacuated.
  • Follow the green Exit signs, indicating the evacuation stairs.
  • You only have to leave the building, if the fire alarm sounds loud and clear in your section.
  • If you have to flee through an emergency exit, break the green plastic cap on the lock. If you can´t break the cap by hand - use a shoe.
We hope that you will all contribute to a successful exercise.
Case companies, thesis project proposals, and more!
Are you in need of a case company for your thesis? Or maybe a concrete project where you can apply your favorite methods? Or perhaps you are looking for public company financial data to measure their performance? We've got you covered!  

BUILD lab is here to assist you in pairing up with a proper case company and making sure you have access to data for your thesis.

Get in touch to find out about the details!
Introduction to game development in Godot
GameDevCorner invites you to join us for a brief introduction to the fundamentals of game development within the Godot game engine.

Halfdan, who has many years of experience working on hobby projects, will guide you through setting up a simple project and give you the necessary tools to expand on it.

We will be going over Godots interface, philosophy, and basic concepts required for you to develop your own games!

No prior experience is required.

When and where: 11 October in room 3A12-14.
Invitation to inspirational meeting on science communication
How du we engage young people in technology and science in their sparetime?

Join our inspirational meeting on 12 October from 9:00-11:00 in Scrollbar and listen to four presenters who will give their take on the question.

Read more and sign up below (the event is in Danish).
League of Legends Tournament x GameIT
Ever felt your back break as you carried your entire team in Summoner’s Rift?

GameIT is officially live, ready to host online tournaments - first up: 2V2 League of Legends (EUW) tournament on 21 October. Time is TBA.

Interested in signing up for the tournament or to be the first to hear about future tournaments?

Then hurry and grab your best midlaner, or that one support who will drag you to victory, and join our discord!

When and where: 21 October - GameIT’s discord server.
Time for Board Game Night
Interested in playing your favorite board games over some free snacks?

We invite you to our board game night on 13 October from 16:00 in room 2A12-14.

We have a large array of board games available, so chances are that we have all of your favorites in our collection.

Feel free to drop by whenever for some snacks and board games!

ITU Student