It is the season… for registering
The registration period runs until 10 December! Even though spring seems far away you need to register for your spring 2024 courses now.

This goes for electives, specialisation courses, summer courses, in special cases 2nd or 3rd exam attempts or if you need to register for an individual project, your Bachelor project or Thesis.

Please see how to on ITU Student or click below.

Remember if your registration gets rejected, you do not need to notify SAP – the registration team goes through all rejected registrations and will either fix it or contact you.
New Intended Learning Outcomes for Spring 2024 
If you are starting your Bachelor project or Thesis this spring 2024, then you need to be aware of the new Intended Learning Outcomes.

You can read about the new ILO’s in your curricula. Find it on ITU Student under "Your programme" below Contents of your programme. 

You can find the ILO's for all current projects on ITU Student or by clicking below. 
ITU Election 2023: The results are in…
Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote for the ITU Election 2023! 

The votes have been counted and the results are in. The elected for the contested seats are as follows: 

Board of Studies:  

  • Alexander Senderovitz

SAT Games

  • Tiago Fernandes
  • Malgorzata Mikosz

Please note, there are still open seats in the following collegiate bodies: 

  • 2 students for the Academic Board
  • 1 student for SAT Computer  

If you are interested in any of those seats, please write to the Election Committee.

You can find all the results at or by clicking below.

Complaints regarding the election must be submitted in writing to the election committee no later than 11 December, 2023.
Time for the Node Winter Concert
It is that time of the year and Node is inviting you to a cozy, comfy winter concert.  

The concert will take place on 5 December at 18:30 in Auditorium 2. 

So invite your best friend or mom or aunt and enjoy an evening filled with music.
Your teacher is a researcher!
Teaching at ITU is research-based but what does that mean and how does research-based teaching and learning take place?

A new theme section on ITU Student takes you through the basics of research-based teaching and learning and provides several examples of how research and teaching—researchers and students—interact.

You can also find inspiration about where to go to get new research skills or to get involved in research.
CCIT Seminar on Regenerative Futures
On 12 December from 12:00-13:00 in 2A52 and online, the Center for Climate IT introduce Associate Professor Natalie Gulsrud from UCPH who will give a talk titled: 'Realizing Re-generative Futures: from cyborg trees to smarter greener cities'.

The main aim of this talk is to open a discussion about whether AI supports or hinders social and ecological resilience. This will be accomplished by examining the evolution and management of 'smart nature' and scrutinizing whose sustainability takes precedence within these 'smart natures.

The discussion afterwards will explore how the pursuit of resource optimization aligns with the imperative for justice and equity.
Lille Kat 2023: End of semester finale
We hope you will join us for this semesters last Lille Kat, where we will be solving problems and having a good time together before we enter the exam period.

To finish off the semester properly, we will be serving warm pizza and lots of snacks.

Bring your laptop, and we will take care of the rest!

ITU Student