New ITU guidelines on Generative Artificial Intelligence 
ITU acknowledges that Generative Artificial Intelligence is a dynamic field and a powerful tool that will dominate the future. Therefore, we here at ITU have drawn up guidelines for the use of GAI.

ITU welcomes the use of GAI when following specific recommendations, principles, and requirements.

The official guideline document (version 2) is accessible at ITU Student by clicking below. 

We recommend you to have a look.
Have you checked out the new Teams?
Last fall, Microsoft introduced a new version of Teams compatible with Windows and Apple devices. Recently, Microsoft announced the retirement of the "classic" Teams version. 

Starting 1 April, users still using classic Teams will undergo automatic updates to transition to the new Teams client. This transition applies to both desktop and web clients.

The look and feel of Teams will not change, but you can expect better performance. 

Highlights include:
•    Faster processing
•    Easier navigation
•    Less system resources used
•    Streamlined interface functionality
•    Side-by-side cross-tenant collaboration for interacting with other universities and workplaces that use Microsoft Teams. 
Thesis process check-in: Inspiration for ongoing thesis work
Do you struggle or face barriers in your thesis process?

Maybe it is time to join fellow thesis writers for an inspirational, hands-on, and dialogue-based session covering various strategies to manage your current thesis process.
We will zoom in on the writing process and on tips for getting some writing done. (The session will not in particular be about the use of Generative AI in the process).
When and where: 20 March at 14:15 - 16:00 in Room 2A12-14.

Going somewhere? Maybe for your Autumn 2024 semester? 
Remember, you need to apply for a pre-approval if you want to take courses abroad or as a guest student at another Danish university.

The deadline is every 1st of the month (July not included), but please apply as soon as you know you are going. The sooner we can get started on the applications the better. 

Next deadline is 1 April with an expected reply on 1 May.

Read more about pre-approvals by clicking below.
Join the Wekinator workshop
Join this AIR Lab workshop which will focus on Wekinator, an easy-to-use software for interactive machine learning.

This workshop is a great possibility to learn how to use machine learning and implement it into your design projects or prototypes without any coding!

When and where: 20 March, 14:00-17:00 in AIR Lab. 

All ITU students are welcome.
CCIT Seminar with Kristine Samson
Center for Climate IT is happy to present a new CCIT Seminar with  Kristine Samson, Associate Professor, Department of Communication & Arts, Roskilde University.

She will give a guest lecture on her research. Her talk is titled: “The planetary, datafication and how do we start regenerating the web of life?”

When and where: 21 March 21,12:00-13:00 in room 3A18 and online.
Lille Kat 2024:03 at Novo Nordisk Digital Innovation Hub
Get ready for another round of problem-solving! Gather your friends or participate individually. All you need to bring is a laptop and enthusiasm.

This instalment of Lille Kat will be in collaboration with Novo Nordisk Digital Innovation Hub. We will therefore be in 3C where there will be pizza, soft drinks, and snacks!   

Join us on Friday, 15 March, from 16:00 -19:00 in the Novo Nordisk Hub, 3C.

Lille Kat is a great opportunity to meet up and practice collaborative problem-solving in a friendly and relaxed environment.

We strongly encourage you to use the link below and join our Teams channel so you can accept or decline the invitation to come.

We look forward to seeing you this Friday. 

ITU Student