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Tips for a Great Exam Period
There are as many ways to handle the exam period as there are students. For some, study groups are essential while others prefer to prepare alone.

If you need input on how to get through your exams, we are here to provide you with ideas for how to make the most of your time, brain, and efforts.

Either swing by the Study & Career Guidance or find contact info here.

You can also read about Exam Hacks at ITU Student or follow our weekly suggestions on Facebook. 
Autumn Is… Months Away, but You Need to Register Soon
So even if all you can think about right now is exams and Summer coming up, please take the time to get your registrations for Autumn 2022 in order.

The registration period runs from June 1 – June 10.

You might have to sign up for a course on your specialisation, an elective, a summer course, a second or third exam attempt or you need to register for a project, your bachelor project or thesis.

The allocation of course seats will take place after the registration period has ended.

Please, read more on this page on ITU Student or click below. 

Thank you! For Participating in the Course Evaluation
The course evaluation survey has closed, and teachers and management will now use your feedback to further develop the courses. 

Adjustments and changes are implemented before the courses run again.

Your participation makes a real difference – so we cheer and applaud you for devoting the time!

Thank you for having participated!

For more about the process click below.

ReadIT Will Take an Ascension Day Break
Due to Ascencion Day, this Thursday, readIT will take a short break next week. ReadIT will return Monday,  June 6.

Deadline for entries for the next edition of readIT is Wednesday, June 1 at noon.

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Anna Valgårda on Designing More Sustainable Digital Artefacts
In this episode, Associate Professor Anna Valgårda talks about how we can make our digital artifacts more sustainable by recognizing not only their functional and aesthetic values, but by focusing on their biographical (sustainability) stories.

ITU Climate Talks are a series of short research videos (5-8 minutes each) by faculty members from all three ITU research departments.

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