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Last Lille Kat of the Semester!
Join the last Lille Kat of the semester for a final round of online "hygge" and programming. 

Lille Kat is for people from all programmes and semesters who want to spend time solving problems, improving their programming skills, and hanging out with friends.

Join the event this Friday at 16:00 on the Lille Kat discord server.
ETHOS Lab Is Hiring a TA for Our Python Study Group

The core of the position is to run and coordinate the study group during the Autumn 2021 semester with the possibility of being prolonged.

You will facilitate a learning community of collective efforts and support. How you choose to do it is for a large part up to you and ideally in communication with the Python community. 

Apply by sending your resumé and a 1-page motivation letter to

Deadline: May 15, 2021.

Automated Transcription as an Analytical Practice? 
On May 11 from 12.00-14.30, ETHOS Lab will finally host a physical workshop on Automated Transcription Software for ITU students.

The process of transcribing can be daunting, so no wonder researchers explore ways of making it less time consuming. 

Post.doc. Stina Hasse Jørgensen and ETHOS Lab Manager Merethe Gjørding will facilitate, and collectively we will assess the currently available ATS and discuss ways of using the software in a reflective manner.

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Thesis Collaboration with a Company
Would you like to write your thesis in collaboration with a company?

Sign up on Excelerate platform and get a chance to be connected with the right company for your thesis writing.

All students from ITU can sign up and use this platform for free.

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