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Remember to Re-submit for the Re-exams
If an exam assignment was a part of your ordinary course exam, then remember you will have to re-submit the exam assignment for the re-exam. 

Please find the dates for (re)submitting your exam assignment for the re-exam in LearnIT.
The Public HTML Drive Will Close 
ITU will close all local network drives and thus also the Public HTML drive on September 30, 2021.

The IT Department recommends that you move your relevant material to your own server or a private provider.

One of the options could be with whom ITU have obtained a dicsount, which you can read more about here.
The New Strategy Has Been Approved 
The new strategy for 2022 to 2025 has been approved by the Board of Directors at the latest board meeting on June 3, 2021.

This means that the strategy is now the official strategy of ITU for the period 2022 – 2025. 
ReadIT Will Go on Summer Vaccation 
This is the last edition of readIT before the summer break. 

ReadIT will return with more news in your inbox on Monday, August 16. Deadline for entries is Wednesday, August 11 at noon. 
Course Evaluations Spring 2021
Thank you for evaluating courses in Spring 2021. 

As soon as exams are over, teachers and management get access to survey data and start the follow-up process.
Supervision Evaluations Spring 2021 
Thank you for evaluating project supervision in Spring 2021. 

Now, supervisors and management will begin the follow-up process. 
PhD Defence by Sunniva Sandbukt
PhD Student Sunniva Sandbukt is defending her PhD thesis “Top-Up with Driver: Digital Money, Transactional Aspirations, and Peerhood, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia”.

When and where: August 17, at 13.00, Aud. 3. 

ITU Student